We are working together on a collection of projects exploring the ethics of visiting, the politics of engaged work, and what it means to be a citizen artist. We're reflecting, making tools for inquiry, and trying to ask the hard questions. Our practices incorporate strategies from graphic design, design research, workshop facilitation, journalism, and neighboring.

We are artists who have spent a good amount of time as visitors, making projects in and with communities that are new to us. We are also deep home-artists in our own places, and have been facilitators and hosts of residencies and visiting artist projects.

Mary Welcome (Palouse, WA) and Nicole Lavelle (Lagunitas, CA)

A few things to read

Mary Welcome Welcomes New Neighbors All Around the Country, Springboard Exchange

Codes and Questions for Anyone Who Goes Anywhere, an essay for purchase by Nicole Lavelle, originally published in The Changing Times Issue 4: Unincorporated Marin County

We Are All We Have: The Practice of Neighboring by Mary Welcome and Ashley Hanson on MNartists.org

Nicole interviewed Mary for Issue #4 of Wolfman New Life Quarterly! Read about small-town practice, queer ruralism, embedded remote community work, and what it means to be an artist "in residence."

Tourist/Local, Visitor/Resident, Guest/Host, an article in The Changing Times, Issue #13: Orcas Island by Nicole Lavelle. Subscribe here.

Some tools we've been working on, for you to download and use!

Questions for Visiting (Artists) — a self-reflexive tool developed while in residency at Blue Sky Center in New Cuyama, CA.

Rural Conversation Prompts, v.1 — a tool prototyped by Colorado University Field School students on the road in the American Southwest

------->We love feedback! Please tell us if you use, share, or adapt these tools and how they work for you.